The Brow Balm

Eyebrow growth balm that adds fullness to sparse, patchy, over-plucked, and thin brows.  3 in 1 formula that nourishes, grows and moisturizes; promoting Fuller, Darker, Hydrated, Softer eyebrows.  Proven results in 4-6 weeks.


Customer Reviews

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Carla M. Rodriguez
Brow Love

The Brow Balm is easy to apply and really works. I have to admit that it appears to be working better on my right brow, but that may be because my left was more sparse and it’s taking longer to fill in. I’m staying the course because my brow hairs are better moisturized and manageable. Thank you Brow Balm!

Grace M.

Easy on, easy off! Nice smell! The jury is still out on the verdict since I haven't been using it that long, but so far, so good! I have most of my brow back!

Arlyn F.

So far I like using the product. It's too early to tell about any hair growth.

Hannah F.

Hard to tell since I have fine hair. Borderline on if I where to buy again since im natural blond and have fine eyebrow hair anyways and can't feel or see if its getting the outer edges of where my eyebrows are so naturally thin if there is any at all there to begin with/pre Brow Balm use.

Great product!

I noticed a difference in the health of my brows. They aren’t quite so unruly. There is increased growth as well. I’ll definitely repurchase.

  • Where is this product developed and shipped out of?

  • Ingredients (100% All-Natural)

  • What if I have senistive skin?

  • Does it work with Make-Up or Microblading?

  • What is your return policy ?

  • Are there any chemicals in it?

  • How long will it last me?

  • Can I use it to grow my lashes?