The Brow Balm

Eyebrow growth balm that adds fullness to sparse, patchy, over-plucked, and thin brows.  3 in 1 formula that nourishes, grows and moisturizes; promoting Fuller, Darker, Hydrated, Softer eyebrows.  Proven results in 4-6 weeks.


Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Redmon
Great product!

This balm has made a difference in my brow growth.

3 In 1 Brow Balm

Love the brow balm and I use it on my lashes.❤️🙋🏾‍♀️

Lauren Robinson
Slow Results

Yes, I have been using the product for over a month now. I have seen very slow improvement on my brows. My brows are thin. I recently gotten my eyebrows threaded after a month of not getting them done. I do see slight improvements so I will continue using the product and will purchase again. Hopefully, I achieve the results after two months.

Miracle product!

This product works wonders on brows that have always been thin sparse or over plucked. I got my brows waxed at the end of July but they were super thin and over plucked. I was so self conscious about them. Once I bought the brow balm and started applying it everyday/night I’m now seeing my brows grow in fuller. They’re taking on their natural shape beautifully. I couldn’t thank these ladies enough!

Edwina Gray
Sparse no more!

I was purchasing $100.00 brow products that would grow my brows but the moment I stopped using it they would begin to fall out. Brow Balm has thicken my brows with no harsh chemicals.

  • Where is this product developed and shipped out of?

  • Ingredients (100% All-Natural)

  • What if I have senistive skin?

  • Does it work with Make-Up or Microblading?

  • What is your return policy ?

  • Are there any chemicals in it?

  • How long will it last me?

  • Can I use it to grow my lashes?